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November 21, 2005



oh grey's anatomy is sooo good.. love it love it. if you are not sucked in you are definitely missing out. congrats on all your pinkness.. what a nice balance for your family :)


I guess someone figured out how to create links in her blog posts....


Whooooooohooooo for your little girl!!! Such exciting news to know "for sure!"

Trina Jaynes

Congrats on your girlie confirmation!! That is so totally awesome! I would love to have a little girl...too much testosterone in my house (2 boys and a hubby! Ü ).
Totally with you on the Grey's Anatomy is by far my favorite show on TV right now! Maybe it's because I work at a hospital and so much of it rings true, but that show just fractures me! LOVE IT!

Joy U

Looks like you had a great weekend! So cute about Cameron wanting his gifts hidden. CPK - yummers! My favorite place to go out to eat. Ronald and I are still trying to figure out how we're going to steal away to see HP. And YAY about baby girl Waters. Can't wait to know what her name will be. ;o) Hugs!


I never miss Grey's Anatomy...I am totally addicted.


I love that show as well, Greys Anatomy. Delightful show that it is :)....

I would say guarantee...I had four ultrasounds that said "Girl"...see the little hamburger bun?" We'll....several months later, we had Jakob.

Go's to hoping that your technician new what they were looking at.....Congrats....


yay for your girlie!!!


Yay about your baby girl confirmation!! How exciting! We're dealing with the same thing over here...knee deep in girly stuff and now with a boy on the way!! What will we do? ;o) Can't wait to hear names too! :o)


So happy for you that your having a little girl - how stinkin fun! And she will be sooo darling! Congrats!


Congrats on the little girl. I also have to agree about GA. My husband and I are totally addicted to it too.


eeeeeeek! how exciting!! cant wait to see baby girly pages! :)


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Grey'a Anatomy! Sunday night is like a holiday around here:).

Congrats on your little girlie!!!


jamie, i am so happy for you. little girls are SO FUN!

i am excited for new jack music too. i thought of you guys when i saw the preview.


So addicted to Grey's too! Such a good show.
How ecxiting for you all to have a new little girl in the house, the boys are gonna spoil her rotten!!!

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