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August 02, 2006



Awwwwwwwwww, by the way babe, Cameron is 6 months in these pics, that's why he's sitting up. But they do look alike, don't they!


you know you are totally right, wow they do look alike! I have the same thing with my kids, actually all three of them have looked the same at birth, so much so that if there isnt an obvious hint in the pictures i sometimes have a bit of a struggle telling who is who.
But its good though isnt it.? that they look alike, got to love that sibling thing :) bless you guys x


omg. totally look alike!!! i always saw it too, but geeze this pics are hardcore proof.. :)

Maricar (aka Papergirl)

Hi Jamie, you've got adorable kids! I've got 2, the youngest is just 3 months. So I'm very much in baby mode always.
I'm so glad I found your blog. You have no idea how your style has changed the way I scrapbook. You're the first designer I've ever scraplifted. I've finally found a style that makes me happy. And hopefully, I'm on my way to developing my own style too. Thanks!


I must say that you really do have the cutest little baby there! Elsie is ADORABLE! That smile! wow


Hey they are so cute and I see the similarities between Cam & cute! She is more girl cute and he boy cute!

Love you guys!

tara pollard pakosta

so cool to compare!
i see a scrapbook page coming oN!!!!
i always laugh at my old photos because unless they are digi i dont' know how old my kids were either. unless it's a holiday, birthday or some other "picture clue"LOL!
soooo cute they are!

Bridget =)

They are BOTH just darling!!!! I love to see how similar they are!!! =)




Cutest kiddos! I love seeing photos like that and comparing - so fun to see the similarites! :)


as our parents would say, "carbon copy" of eachother =)hehhe cute!
btw, love elsie's green tank :0)
Have fun tomorrow--i'm jealous i can't hang with yu guys, have to work, boo!

maggie Holmes

oh - they are both soooo cute! i can't believe how much they look alike!!

chris jenkins

your children are beautiful - i think it is really kind of cool to pick out the similarities between children - i love looking at my kids' baby pictures and seeing just how alike they are

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