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September 03, 2008


Stephanie Mah

great shots! will swing by to 2peas soon.:)

corinne delis

wonderful shots!!!



Love these shots :)! Here's to 2nd, 5th & 8th grade :)! Woot :)!

Sasha Farina

that binder sleeve totally brought a smile to my face... Kira, you're so my type of girl. LOL :D

melissa deakin

love these photos.
looks like the first day was wonderful for all.
love kira's cool!

Tiffany W

I love your pictures! I also love what kira did as her binder cover!


Love you Kira! Love the binder! Happy 8th Grade! Happy 5th Cam! We love you so much! Caleb you make me smile! Happy 2nd!
Hugs to sweet little Elsie who is left behind but still a happy girl.
Miss you tons!


kira is just a lil scrapper like her mama.

tara pollard pakosta

little brother is starting to look alot like big bro!
kira, nice job on the binder! you have some talent there! tara


What a cute post!
Els looks so different to me! She must be growing!


sweet binder!

Shannon Tidwell

so cute! I wish Maddox would have let me walk him in! I want a picture at his desk.

Wish we could spend our days hanging!!!

Kira's folder is too cute! And her bag!


Jamie, so great to hear from you! Can't believe how grown up your kids are now. :) Love all the photos.


Great back to school photos. Kira's obviously got her Mother's talent with that binder. I love the cupcakes on it, who makes them - I planning to make some girls birthday cards and they would look so sweet.

jennifer mcguire

your family is too cute.

Lea Sanders

Great photos! They are all so sweet. =)

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