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February 04, 2009



now why doesn't MY husband go on cool work trips like that so the kids and I can go too? Looks like fun in the snow. That is...until the whole key-dropping thing. *ugh!* Glad you're home safely.

Stephanie Mah

great shots! look like you guys has lotsa of fun ya! :)

Sarah Mullanix

Great photos...looks like you all had an awesome time...except maybe for the key thing!



love the one with cam by the tree -- such beautiful kids you guys have.

jamie k

Elsie should start her own little rap group. that first set of pictures makes me think of LL Cool E. that should be her rap name.


i've been meaning to take the girls to the snow... i say this every year. my goodness, looks like you guys had sooo much fun. can't even tell the snow scene was tricky for you... beautiful shots.

whu happen jame? email me.


elsie = TOO CUTE!!!

and the boys look so grown up in those pics. i love your little family :)


Glad you guys had fun in the snow. Especially Elsie. Sorry about the key thing... but what matters is that you're all safe home!

ruth in paradise

awesome shots. crisp and clear. it doesn't snow in paradise, well on the "big island" at the top of the volcano it does.


ahhhh mt. charleston lodge...they have the yummiest hot cocoa. :) grew up going there.

Stephanie Howell

oh jamie....
traumatic incident with the keys in the snow? so sounds like something i would do. glad y'all are okay.

the pictures are darling, of course!!


i love california. snow one day, warm and sunny the next! COOL!


I love the white snow and elsie's colorful sweater. :)


I was wondering what settings did you take these photos? It's a challenge to take pictures in the snow and not get that grey tone. Love your work and your husband's photography.

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