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June 17, 2009


Suzelle Kasaian

SO cute.

Love Elsie's wrist sweat band...that is a killer :)


yum, what kind of drink is that?

2 friends + 2 gether = 4 ever


jung a

they're so cute! you and elsie are such lucky gals!


Yummy treats! Scrapbooking and good friends! I love you ! Cute photos!


Those are TOO cute!!


omg, the second & the last picture are theee cutest!

lisa truesdell

adorable. =)


They are just too cute!

Glad to know I am not the only one with kids in school still! We are done tomorrow!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait. I love having my kiddies home. =}
Everyone I know has been done with school since last week. I am always jealous until Sept. rolls around and we still have a week left of summer when everyone is back in school.
Happy Summer!


SO cute!


they are luv bugs! first pic e looks like cam. ;)

jamie k

aw too sweet! elsie is getting big!

and when did she get so cool to be sporting a sweatband on her arm?! holy cow!

Stephanie Mah

aww..... they are too sweet!!


Awww... the photos are too cute!!!!


aawwwww!!!! love love love you guys!!!! *muah**!!

Chantal van de Kant

Great pictures from the girls. I also love the wall at the background.


i love these pictures!!!

Danna Jones

I love the photos you took of the girls.

Katrinna J.

The wall looks like a scrapbook paper, and it's pretty! The girls are so cute and it shows they are enjoying each company.


SOOOO much cuteness going on there!!!

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