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June 07, 2009


Stephanie Mah

aww..i {Heart} this post.:)

Happy Birthday,Kira!!!!!!


Kira is beautiful, Jamie and so is this post. Definitely made me a bit teary-eyed. Sigh. Love those beautiful photos! Hugs!


Dude, I teared up.
Happy birthday Kira!


Way to go and get me all sappy too! Well put, love you Kira! Ditto to slowing down the next four (crazy to think we will even miss the attitude!)

lisa truesdell

happy birthday, kira!


i love it. what happened to the little baby in overalls? you guys are doing a wonderful job w/her. what a great role model to the youngsters. k, you are beautiful inside and out. strong, yet girly. i love it! happy 14th xoxo

Rachael Y

I love that precious Kira!! I am so thrilled for the amazing and incredible woman she is becoming!! She is both physically beautiful & also has an inner beauty and strength!
Happy 14th Bday Kira Soliel !
We love you very much!!

Rachael Y

oops I meant Soleil...We love you all.


What a sweet post about a sweet girl!!! Thanks for sharing! You are a terrific mom, Jamie!!!


14!! Wow it wasn't that long ago that you had a posting up about what do to for her 13th bday!! Well Happy Happy Birthday Kira! :)


beautifully written....makes me want time to have a hiccup or two!


our sweet litle Kira is now indeed 14...we love you Soleil...keep singing...we love that voice...
Jamie you are a super great MOM...



An amazing post.


girl, do not make me cry. i was in your shoes last year, same time. i love that my daughter and i have a special bond that she can talk to me about everything that goes on in school--good or bad. we laughed and cried and cheered through her freshman year. your words are right on the money.


Yap, please don't make me cry.... Kira is so beaytiful inside and out all over!
Maybe it's partly because she has such a sweet, clever and fun mother (o/c father;))


You're making me cry too. She sounds exactly how I want my girls to turn out. I think you are doing something right.


She really has beautiful hair! That really struck me


Happy Birthday Kira!
You're freaking me out! i met you on scrapbook pages when you were 8ish!
You are beautiful.

Katrinna J.

Happy Birthday Kira! You're growing up beautifully! You make your parents proud! Keep it up and pave the road
with your personality and strength.
Always keep God first in your life, and 2nd to your parents. God bless!


beautifully written Jamie! Happy Birthday Kira! :)


Yes our Kira is quite a beautiful soul. I am so proud of you, HAPPY BIRTHAY!

Very good write up Jamie!


What a wonderful birthday post! Happy Birthday Kira! Makes me teary thinking that my two year old little girl will someday soon be as old as her, and I hope that she will be just as wonderful! Kira has the most gorgeous hair!


Congrats to Kira! And when I'm reading your story about her I can see she's loved and she's a great daughter to have in your lives. She looks beautiful in the pictures. I can understand why you are so proud of her. But I hev to agree with you, time goes by so fast it would be a great idea to put it on hold for a while. Bye Irene from the Netherlands


i'm a little sad now for some reason.

Anne Thompson

Wow, she is such a beautiful girl. I have 2 daughters (ages 4 and 6) and I just know how quickly they change and grow : ) Happy Bday to her! Anne

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