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August 24, 2009



i like that red heart picture!!!! where do you guys get your film developed. i have a bunch that need processing...


Hey these are great for an iphone! by the way you can have that view driving from the pdx airport to my house! Come check it out! :) Love you!!!

Stephanie Mah

with iphone,great shots!


10.5 hour wedding. What?!?!?! It sounds absolutely exhausting!!


I LOVE your pics.....making me homesick as I am from NY...I lived an hour outside the city too! Where were you guys? Westchester I am sure, what town? I miss NY! Thanks for sharing!

kelli trontell

So sweet! Lovely pictures {even from the iPhone}. My camera was stolen on the first day of our vacation in Montana this thankful for the awesome camera in the iPhone!!

Cant wait to see the pictures from the wedding....the location looked stunning!


such a lovely documentation of your fabulous trip!!! can't believe these shots are with an iphone!! LOVE THEM!!! :)


I still have not been to NY... it's my dream! Thanks for sharing Jamie.


wowwww, what a beautiful photos and places!!!
I love new york too, but i'm a little bit far!!!:-(
A big kiss to you,

Shannon Tidwell

so cool about how they found you!

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