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September 29, 2009



Wow - those pictures are incredible. YOur family is beautiful!

tara pollard pakosta

I know the feeling of not having enough family shots! I need to hire someone soon!


Jamie and Chris -- Absolutely love it! Cannot believe that you have very little family pictures... the 2nd to last one is a great one! The ones of the kids are so cute and capture each of them perfectly. I esp like the one of Kira with the bike and the one of Caleb's silly face. Ok ok, they're all cute!!


wow...what a beautiful photographer! I can't believe he only shoots film. I'm amazed. My favorite is of Kira with the light shinning behind her. angelic.


oh my goodness, jamie.
i can't even say how much i love these.
and your anthro dress :)
and kira's hair :)

Stephanie Mah

omg!! love all these photos.:) and i like your dress,Jamie.:)


beautiful. your family, the girls, you! the boys, soo handsome.. C too.. lol


lol at e w/her hand on her hip!!! lol


in awe!!! **sigh** such a lovely lovely family!! love you guys!!! miss ya!! :)


Beautiful photos! What a treasure these are. Makes me want to do the same!

Katrinna J.

I enjoyed looking at these pictures! You all look beautiful! Jamie and Chris looks so sweet and adorable!


Those pictures are absolutely beautiful! Can you please share where they were taken?


wow, its brilliant! Just spent ages having a look. Well done guys.

melissa deakin

hi jamie!
oh, i love these photos so much!
just gorgeous.
true treasures!
hope you are well!

Tere are beautiful and so is your family. Thanks for sharing.

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