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October 08, 2009


tara pollard pakosta

SHe looks so much like you that in photos where it's both of you, I have to look closely to see who is who! plus you look so YOUNG with being so TINY! is she taller than you now? she's stunning like her momma!!! love the pic, so teenager!
can't wait to see what you do with the blog! LOVE your new site! show some scrappy pages LOL!

packing supplies

Nice Blog i like it so much.

Jen Hall

the new blog looks awesome - especially love the "about you" section!!

PS - my kids eat vegemite straight from the jar - it's a must in our household ;)

jen xo

corinne delis

love both new sites a lot!!!



BEAUTIFUL you guys!! :)


you guys totally out did yourself!! sooooo excited!!!


Kira has grown into a truly stunning young lady! :)


She's stunning! Love the hot pink phone cover! :)

Stephanie Mah

love both of your blog! lovely!
kira is such a lovely young lady.:)


She is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

Shannon Tidwell

beautiful!!!!! the new website, blog....and girl!!!:)

ady abreu

Beautiful blog and website... Kuddos to you both...

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