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October 13, 2009



I love you all so much! Wish I could be part of that visiting and chatting!

tara pollard pakosta

sweet pic!
and I can't imagine being away from my hubby that long, well it's different if I go to my parent's for a week, but being home without him would be sad!!!


Glad you have your hubby back!

Carrie C.

Such a sweet photo!

Lovely Blog Award for you at my blog hop on over when you have a spare moment. :)

Carrie C.

Sorry here is the link to my blog.


funny. i CAN'T STAND COFFEE right now. yes, that's all i got from your post. me me me.. ;) really love the pic ...

Stephanie Mah

lovely photo! is always glad to have hubby back home. mine will be coming home tomorrow. he's been travels alot lately.
hey, i missed starbucks too.:p


So nice to have them home! Chad is home for the rest of the fall...thank goodness!!
Love that pic!

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