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August 24, 2010



i can NOT believe how BIG she is getting!!! Jamie, she is absolutely gorgeous. Love this!!

Robyn W.

It has been so fun to watch her growing up! Such a cutie! And I'm so impressed...cutting her own fruits up! Madi won't even eat most of those! Such a doll!!


Hugs to my Els... I love her! I miss her! Hope she's feeling better! xoxox


She is a little doll! Hope she feels better soon!


I love your porch!!!! :)


i am with "jessi"...that porch is beautiful! love the swing too! elsie lost her baby look! such a big girl now...but she will always be your baby j!

p.s. hope she is back to herself asap!!!

Stephanie Mah

Hope she feels better soon! {HUGS} and i love your porch!!!


Take some more pics of your new house!!! I love looking at where all my little cousins live!


yummy fruit salad els! what a cook, just like your ate.

jame, i looooove that porch swing chair thing... can't wait to sit in it late at night and drink coffee with you!

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