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October 13, 2010


Kate J.

So cute and surely Els is growing up fast. She's got her own style!

Stephanie mah

Aww... Cute E! She has grown way too fast.


Wow you were up late! I am checking this out @ 2 in the morning. Can't sleep!
Love it! Gabe is really into silly bands too. Sometimes I wish I had a little 3 or 4 year old girl to be cousin friends with I miss the little baby years..
At least Gabe & her have a special connection.
Love you!

Cynthia B.

Let's hope she doesn't discover the silly band rings- my daughter has them up and down her fingers! *sigh* gotta love them when they're so innocent, right?
So cute how she wants to be a nail designer! Mine has goals to work at Build a Bear...hehe!


Wow, Elsie is growing up! Gotta love that nail art. I'm so tired of picking up silly bands all over the house all day long! I have three kids throwing them around. When will this thing blow over?!?


love it!


love, love, love that photo of e's feet. :)

winter boots

silly bandz, i love it.

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