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November 29, 2010



Yay love all the pics!!! Everything looked awesome!


What a sweet Thanksgiving!!!!!

First of all....can't believe how BIG the kids are. Goodness!

Secondly....LOVE the table. Love these photos! You have truly been blessed with a beautiful family.


I love your huuuuge table, all full. That turkey looks yummy. I have yet to make my own turkey since we go to both our parents' houses for dinner every year. Yes, we're spoiled. One of these years I will get the courage for it.

Stephanie Mah

love all your photos! ((:


Looks so nice!!!!! Is this at your house???

lisa truesdell

loooooooooove those napkin rings. such happy pics. =)


"she who wears bathing suit with scarf as skirt must be obeyed" LOL!!!! i'm telling you, els and aya need to move closer together.

your turkey looks scrumptious jame. i didn't know!


this is very fancy! our family wont fit at the table for a sit down type meal. i'll copy the tiny vases and little pumpkins for the food table :) thanks!

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