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December 14, 2010



my niece says the same thing to me - "i love you more than petite vanilla scones..." now that's love!

love all your posts - they make me feel so warm inside!


I love the "I love you more than...." I say it back too, and somedays I say spinach, other days it's a chocolate chip cookie.


so F*L*E*E*T*I*N*G...
i am hangin' on tight to my little one (7) belieVing in SANTA...i still do! lol...

Charla Anne

What a cutie pie! They grow up way too fast.


how precious! she is so cute. so nice running into you guys on Sunday!! see you soon!


So sweet. My 4-year-old daughter came home from her grandma's yesterday, saw the presents I had wrapped under the tree, and said, "I love you even MORE now!"

Stephanie Mah

sweetness! she has grown up way too fast.

tara pollard pakosta

she is getting TOO BIG!
I remember when you were expecting her and my daughter was her age!!!

Oh, she's getting more and more adorable! :)

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