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March 04, 2011



Happy Birthday to my favorite Elsie!! :) xoxoxoxo


Happy birthday Elsie!!!

lisa truesdell

omgosh, she looks so old - i can't believe she's five!

happy bday, elsie!

jennifer mcguire

can you believe they are 5?!?!!! she is gorgeous!


Happy Birthday big girl! I love the outfit
Is cupcakes and coffee in the near future?


Such a lovely little lady! Happy birthday Elsie!


happy birthday, gorgeous!


Happy birthday, Elsie. I swear her last birthday was just a few months ago! I remember those pictures you posted of her in that cute blue dress. How time flies!


Wow, time flies. She is so cute, happy birthday to her, and she makes five look adorable.


happy birthday elsie ❤!!

Kate J.

Happy Birthday to pretty girl Els!
She is declared "not a toddler" anymore. How precious time flew by.

Stephanie Mah

sorry im late! Happy Birthday Elsie! ((:

you are such a sweetie!


wow... "5" already!
happy birthday to elsie...

tara pollard pakosta

she's so adorable! and so tiny still!
can't believe she is FIVE!!!!!


we love love love you sweetie pie!! and couldn't be happier to spend more and more time with you!! Kili is esp blessed to have you as her chosen BFF...HUGS and KISSES. God Bless. :O)


let elsie know that if she feels like she's also growing out of any of her adorably cute clothes, kayli will help take it off her hands. :)

gosh, jamie. she's turning from being just cute to beautiful.

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