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June 08, 2011



Awww... this looks amazing Jamie!


Cool party. How very sweet! Luv all the touches, especially the heart-shaped spam musubi and the photo set-up!!!

CD Muckosky

What a lucky girl, looks like such a special time! It seems like she was just 12, your kids are looking so BIG Jamie!!!

Paige Evans

Love that photo booth! What a great idea! What a lucky girl to have you for her mom :)


Looks very "Martha Stewart" fancy. Loves it!!!! She's beautiful.


Everything looks so yummy :) Good job Jame!


Wow!! Everything looks so amazing!! Kira looks gorgeous! What a fun night! So glad your bff & Kira's friends helped out! & I seriously can't believe Cam is going to be 13- I remember when he was born. He is such an amazing young man.




What a lovely party! Happy 16th to Kira! Looks like it was a fabulous celebration! Thanks for sharing =)


love, love, love that photobooth photo! such a gorgeous girl. such a good mama. :)


looks like it was a blast and LOVE the photo booth section/idea!
thanks for sharing...WOW 16!!!

Kate J.

What an amazing mom you are Jamie! You did a great job with the party! Details!!! I wished I had a party with that kind of artsy touch! Kira is growing up as a beautiful young lady.

Jill Sprott

I can't believe she's 16 already! I remember that little girl from your layouts. Whoosh.

Those spam musubi are awesome! I've never thought of reworking them like that. Such a cool idea. I'll need to try it sometime.


omg..i've been gone a long time and kira has grown so beautiful. i had to do a double take to see if it was her. LOL!


kira and caleb pic, hilarious! i'll have to try those heart shaped musubis soon. looks tedious :(

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