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March 22, 2014


Amber Lee

Awesome. I just scrapbooked yesterday with some friends for the first time in a long while. I pulled an old picture out (four years old) and decided to scrapbook it with thoughts from today instead of as if it just happened. That was eye opening to me. I love the different perspective looking back on older photos. Have fun!


Have recently been struggling with the oldest turning 12 soon and definitely not wanting the camera in her face all the time + all of us having a tough year where we're living this year...haven't been scrapbooking as much and I'm missing it SO MUCH. Just did two pages for a little assignment for a friend's BPC class and when I put them away in the albums and lost 45 minutes just looking through I was determined to get back to it--I hope you do too : )

Jennifer Hisi

The scrapbooking community will be better for it!!


Jamie -- I remember that happiness, too! I am hoping to start up again very soon. I really enjoy the process and enjoy the finished page even more. I want to devote more time to getting creative and less time to Words With Friends and other apps that mean nothing after the time is spent.Here's to baby steps for both of us!! :) xo! shell

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