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July 23, 2005



jamie-the pictures are so fun to look at. really really fun. i am so glad you are posting! have your kids been looking too!

i so want a print of that street sign in my house! that is SO killer with all those huge cities and then "pig and whistle". classic.


I keep getting such a kick out of seeing you all bundled up, James!! you are so cute in a warm hat!!!


Jamie...I am loving these photos...keep 'um coming!


Dear Possums
It is such fun reading your accounts of your holiday in Aust. We loved having you and I wonder to why you live so far away. Maybe it makes the times we are together sweeter. Thanks for being part of our family albiet a little short. Hopefully we will be over to see you soon. We love You!!! Snugs, Joeyxxxxx

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