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July 23, 2005



That is COOL. I had no idea they actually were in the wild. Like in neighborhoods...and friendly. THat's awesome.


that is more then cute, that is just plain ol' crazy cool!


so the koala is totally cute, but I keep 'hearing' Tracy talk about how they tend to pee on your head if you walk under them at the wrong time...!!!!!


Jamie and Chris
so glad you are having an awesome time. Its actually quiet strange looking at the photos from your point of view. Even though I dont live in Melbourne, some of that stuff is like OH yeah.......and other things still give me a buzz, like a koala in the wild.......go figure. Sure I will be the same in your country in October (yes I will be in the USA in October........YAY)

Enjoy the rest of your time


i am crazy insane for these two pictures! totally cool, gf!


how incredible is that?!

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