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January 23, 2006



And I have to ask, do you feel Merideth's pain in dealing with a whacky husband? Well, it's either me or the Hermit Crabs, you decide. Thanks for watching Kobe with me, that was fun!


ooops, i meant addison. duh


you goober. :) i love you. i have to say that i couldn't sit around and watch you have smiley eyes when you are around your ex-g. i would have to slap the shit out of you. and her. :)


how cute is your hubby leaving you comments!! at least my dh reads my blog but no comments yet, sigh. had to post to tell you I personally love George and hope Meredith wakes up and gives him the time of day! and also to tell you I *heart* your CK Top 10 los - esp the journalling on Random Love.

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