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January 19, 2006


Jill Stuart

I know exactly how you feel, it's one of the more challenging aspects of being a mother. On the upside, you taught your kids that you're human and that you know how to apologize. Those are big things. Plus, making such a cute card for your daughter--priceless. The only reason I can think of that we have to go through rough days is so that we can recognize and appreciate the better days. I hope you feel better soon.

Joy U

Oh, Jamie. Even though we are mommies, we can NOT do it all. Had me one of those kinds of days too. Good for you, getting stuff done. Better for the sweet, sweet gesture you left Kira. Hope tomorrow is better for you. Hugs, hun!

Shelley L.

Jamie -- I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes. That flower/vase/card is so sweet. I know that made up for it all. You are such a cool lady ... so glad I know you. -Shell


that is sooooo sweet. you are a good momma. (Note to self: go to jamie for advice on parenting... :)

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

how sweet is that card?
it is so tough sometimes being
a mom and everything else that
goes along with that title.
i have been really short with my family too--just too much on my plate and the possibility of delivery at any moment makes for a crazy woman!!!!
thinking of you, jamie!
sounds like you accomplished a lot today!

tara pollard pakosta

so so cool to make her a card! she will appreciate and your children will know you are normal. don't worry about it. it's something we all do now and again....she will treasure that card forever!


you are too sweet.
your family is lucky to have you.

laura t.

you are in good that flower and card...can't wait to see the fruits of your scrap labor :)


Been having days like this too. So I understand. Here's to getting back on track. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished. I'm cleaning today.:)


i think everyone has those days. I love that you did something about it sweet to make her a card - I'm sure she loved it. I need to remember to do more "little" things for my kids like this. Thank you, Jamie.

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