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January 03, 2006



Yeah! A Pisces girl! Very cool! Love the diaper bag...looks like a Pulp Paper album I have! ;)


Wow...nice to have a date already to meet your little girl!! I was told at my last appointment that I was needing to take iron pills. This happened with my last one too!! No fun! Cute diaperbag and outfit too! ;o)


Hey Jame,
Love the banner...from our funky cool night out on the town!

Miss you guys already! Great photos!!
Love you all.


What a cool date to be born on.....3+3=6......that should always be easy to remember!
Your hubby is so creative! Nice guy.
You are going to love your speedlight for indoors. You should check out getting the lightsphere (even if it does look like tupperware!)

Joy U

Funny, I thought about you when I saw part of the very wet Rose Parade. Mochi balls - yum! Mango ones are my fave. And totally loving that shot of Kira in the last collage. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!


Looks like a good time was had by the entire family...awesome!!


jamie-i want to be your kid.


that picture of chris kissing your cheek? did you take the of yourself? i LOVE that!!!!!


Love everything! It's so beautiful. :) I hope, for you, it's a girl too! ;)

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