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January 06, 2006


tara pollard pakosta

we don't have any pets either but we had hermit crabs for about two months. then one day savannah saw one out of the shell and it freaked her out so i put the tank in the basement. i thought daddy was taking care of them, he thought we were....oops. we found them dead....oops.....i felt horrible. and we had just gotten them and all the extra stuff they need. i said NO MORE PETS at our house. we are all too flaky to take care of them. good luck!


too cute! I remember hermit crabs when I was your kiddos age. I didn't know they were still popular pets. Good luck!

Joy U

Oh, poor Cam. He came up with a super cute name for Eyenstein though.


you can't give them tapwater? we had them as kids and I thought they had half a tank of tap water..??

poor cam though, having the one that died. They die pretty easy though james, so don't cut yourself up too badly if it happens again, okay??

and if you get a mean might kill the others. :P


we did the hermit crab thing for 2 years
i could never tell which ones were going to make it
whenever we named ours something cool based on it's shell - it went and changed shells.
Duke (basket ball shell) moved into a shiney pink one.
Verb...very cute. kellicrowe


oh poor Cam! it only happens to us tenderhearted kids, i tell you! one of my goldfish jumped to her death when I was Cam's age. I was heart broken! :(

Good luck, Verb. Please stick around for little Cam!


I hear ya Jamie Ben's started showing signs that he was dead or dying. We tapped him and blew on him and I was just about to put him in a bag and take him to the pet store to see if he was dead and then he moved. Now he is our most active hermit was as though he heard us and said "oh no I'm alive don't stick me in a bag!" So funny this weird creatures. You & me both gotta help these small creatures live uuuughhh!! What fun! Ah the things we do because we LOVE our kids!!
Love Ya!


Awww poor Cammy! LOVE the EYEnstein name...sooo cute....sooo Cammy to think of that! heheh...I like VERB too. Oh James pls take care of this one, but make sure to tell Cam these creatures don't last forever....*sigh* oh he okay?


Verb is such a cool name!! EYEnstein was pretty creative, though, too.


oh you poor thing. one already down?!? i love that he called the second one verb - he is such a smart kiddo! that is so adorable!!

goo ruck on this one, babe!
=) tap tap tap!


love that last photo of him staring at EYEnstein's shell... or rather the shell staring at him!


Love the names!! Maddox would really like these. He's been wanting a turtle. Are these much trouble, other than no tap water?:)

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