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January 17, 2006


julie k

hey - never mind the mess! i look forward to seeing the results of your mojo!! :)


what are mochi balls?


here's a picture of mochi balls.
they sell them at my trader joes and i am officially addicted. :)

Joy U

Hey, that's where I buy my mochi balls! Mango ones are the best. And girl, your scrapping space is so not a mess compared to mine. I wouldn't dare share a pic. That's how embarassing it is.


Dude... I could seriously give you a run for you money, Jamie. I"m actually ignoring my scraproom right now and I soooo want to scrap. Its really, REALLY bad right now. Like I think about it and it makes me queasy to think that very soon I'm going to HAVE to go in there and sort thigns out. I may take a pick and send it to you just to make you feel better about your little mess. Of course, its not in my bedroom... but my bedroom is messy with normal bedroom stuff. Do you see a pattern here? Lisa = messy.


girl. You should see my space. And I don't have half as much to do as you do right now. I feel your pain.


that SO looks like my space. I however, have no mojo and lots of deadlines. uggh :p



cant wait to see what you're cranking out! ;)

tara pollard pakosta

oh my! that looks just like my scraproom, granted it's not my bedroom! poor hubby!!!! LOL!!!!
i have the same issue though a huge mess and a tiny spot on the desk to scrap on!! can't wait to see what you create!!! tara


this looks strangely familiar......LOL!!! :)
if this is what it looks like to get the masterpieces you create, so be it! :)

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