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January 24, 2006



aw james! your boy is a sweety. and your girl is going to be floating in a sea of pink. I love it! :)


LOVE the "sweetness!"

Michelle Croson

Aww, sorry your little man's not feeling well! I love "The Sweetness" The ponies are GREAT!


Awee poor baby, hope he starts feeling better!
Look at the pink, so excited for you all.
I just LOVE that mobile , adorable , where is it from? Not that i am having one anytime
I have a new niece(2months old) and a nephew who is on the way though :)

Joy U

Ahhh, love baby girlie stuff. I miss it. Baby boy stuff just isn't the same. The bug is going around our house too. Not fun.

Joy U

Forgot to mention - I LOVE your ner banner.


I love the pink collection, and what a COOL new banner!!!


Lost my phone, thank god for blogs...what a great banner, why does that seem like a lifetime ago. Miss you, can't wait to see you tomorrow. Get well KK.


i love the mobile!!!! so so cute!!! where is that from?


Love love love your banner, Jamie! Now I want a new one, too. You're just too cool. :) And Target... my vice. Trying to stay away from it. Can anyone walk out of there without spending $100? Or $200? Can't go there anymore. Hope C feels better soon. :)


Sorry for the sick kiddo! Cutie pink stuff! Are you getting excited, feeling overwhelmed, etc etc? It's down to the wire...

Amy Fujikawa

Jamie and Chris,

I am so thirlled for you and your family. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!! Take care of yourself.


tara pollard pakosta

can't wait for that baby to come! look at all that pinK!


think pink! love seeing the pics of everything!

can't wait for that little one to arrive!

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