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February 15, 2006



james! gorgeous photos! I'm so excited for your baby girl too!!!!!!


I am so jealous that you guys are playing at the beach this week. It is cold here and they are predicting snow for Friday. Would love to play at the beach with you guys! Hugs to you all.
Happy Baby Girl....can't wait to meet her.



ps- when "she" gets here and you go to the beach, use baby powder in those wrinkles...the sand just rolls off!

tara pollard pakosta

cute pics!
i can't wait to see photos of the new baby girl! i am sure she will be so beautiful like the rest of your crew!
i always wanted more babies but it just hasn't happened for me, so i can just see you enjoy yours!


you have the most beautiful family! can't wait to see the new addition.

Sarah Klemish

I am so jealous Jamie - we are getting freezing rain here in Michigan! Yahooo!
Your kids are beautiful! Such gorgeous pictures!
So excited about your new little one. Not much longer now!


Joy U

Jamie, that top pic is pure magic. Wish that we lived near the beach, but most of all I just wish it was warm!

Jessie Fulkerson

What beautiful pictures! I live in Redondo and used to be in Hermosa and I LOVE it here. Usually when its warm inland its cooler here, but wow has it been hot this past week! Glad you guys got to enjoy it!

Heather  Moll

Wow, the beach?! That is unbelievable! I so wish I was there right now! No jokes, it's -22F up here in Canada right now. I'm a blog lurker but just had to post that your photos are so gorgeous and I wish I was there right now...


I have about 1-2 feet sitting outside on my lawn right now......... :) This looks much more enjoyable. :)

I hear ya about the whole "mommy-second-thought moment" - man, I'm worried if I'll be able to leave my house again for awhile! LOL!!


you guys are lucky. wonderful weather!!!! unlike us here in Montana, we're suffering from below zer0 weather. i want summer too or i wish it was at least warm here.


Awesome pics!! Too funny it's February and they're looking like it's June. I'm getting excited to see pics of the new little one. Good luck in the coming weeks!


Can't believe you are 37 weeks!!!! Awesome pictures, can't wait to see some baby ones.:)

Trina Jaynes

LOVE those photos, Jaime! You totally make me homesick....can't wait to move back to sunny so cal!! It's been around 20 degrees and cold and windy up here....I like your weather better!

Good luck at your appointment, time will go so quickly from here on out! Can't wait to see some adorable baby photos. Take care!

Emily Kate

Wow! Gorgeous pics!!!


Okay. That's no even FAIR, Jamie!

I need to transplant you to Utah for the day- you'll love our FREEZING COLD weather! ;)

Michelle Croson

Great shots, that first one rocks!!! I can't wait for some warm weather!!

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