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February 21, 2006


tara pollard pakosta

oh my! what a sweetie!
even if you just read a book about a few of the well known ones....he is so smart and sweet!
yay baby! can't wait to find out the details and see some photos! enjoy those first few days. they are so precious. and go too quickly!


LOVE me some Cammy! He is SO sweet and thoughtful! So cute!

I know Jame...mother to a newborn baby girl in 10 days!'ll be here before you know it...can't wait!!

lotsa love...
jenn xoxo


ok, that dude of yours has it going on. wow, he's amazing!

and 10 days?? wowza!!


awww, what a sweetheart your little man is! and i can't believe you'll be meeting your baby girl so soon already. man, time really is flying by! :)

Joy U

Jamie, you boy is just the sweetest. And man, I can't believe you're meeting your new baby girl in ten days. So exciting!

Becky Thompson

What a sweet heart he has!

I cannot believe you only have 10 days left!! So happy for you!!


10 days, 10 days, 10 days!!!!!


SO close!!! YAY!!


Wow Jamie , 10 days ...
cant wait for new pics of your sweet lil girl and to find out her name !!
Cam is such a sweet boy !!
Best wishes to you guys :)


Madelyn is deep like that too. Love that in a kid :)

Can't believe you are having a baby! Soon!


You sure he isn't trying to get you to hand over those Andrew Jackson's and Ben Franklin's to celebrate:)?!?! If he is, he's a really sneaky kid:).


So sweet Jamie.
I can't believe how close you are! :)

Michelle - burberrygirl

only 10 days away. Wow. Best wishes.



what a cool pic!!!
10 days!!!!!!!! even less now!

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