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February 27, 2006



I've been anxiously reading/waiting for your special announcement! Best of luck to you through your surgery and birth, I hope you recover very quickly and easily!


yippee! she's gonna be a Pisces! (did I already notice that? cant remember!) anyway...

the kids will do great. you and Chris are so attentive to all of them...this new little princess will fit right in and the other three will just keep bopping along. :)


james, you are SO beautiful! I can't wait for your new little girl to make her appearance!!


I can't wait to see your new little girl!!!!!
I hope the pain eases up for ya this week!! :)


I'm so excited to see this baby! Good luck. :)


I'm so excited for you! You have such a beautiful family, and I can't wait to see your new baby girl pages- such a huge fan of your stuff Jamie. Good luck on Friday!!


tara pollard pakosta

i am so excited to see this baby~! can't wait! love your photo of you and cam! so cute. he is such a softie, can i arrange now for him to marry savannah?!


S*W*E*E*T photo, truly beautiful!
best wishes too!

Allison K

What a sweet photo! Good luck with your c-section on Friday (had a few of those). I can't wait to see a beautiful new Waters!!

Joy U

I can't believe you're going to meet your new baby girl on Friday. Seems like your pregnancy went fast. But then you're the pregnant one, so I'm sure it wasn't fast enough. LOL!


you are just GLOWING in that picture Jamie. Gorgeous!! Even though I remember how uncomfortable those days are, you don't show it. Can't wait to 'meet' your new little one :)

jennifer mcguire

boy, this touches my heart. adore you, girl. you have such a good soul. this baby is lucky - to have you and your wonderful family!


you look beautiful Jamie! pregnancy agrees with you. Good luck. :)


wow!!! that went fast! i understand what you are going through. it wasn't long ago that i had my Csection with a baby girl too. i pray that you'll have a very fast recovery. and by the way, you look beautiful. you don't look pregnant- that's a compliment. and... is this your first time Csec?


what a precious picture of the two of you. is that recent? just two more days! been thinking of you tons girl.


what a beautiful, sweet photo! wishing you all the luck and happy thoughts in the world for Friday!


love seeing this pic of the two of you so close to deliver! you are absolutely glowing little mama!

love you,

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