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February 06, 2006



Love the glimpse into your week, jamie! And I know exactly what you mean by not having the camera in your face during their games and practices. Last week, I didn't bring the camera to dance class, and I ended up dancing hiphop and salsa right along with the girls. So much more fun... lol. :) You look gorgeous, girl!


aw. love all those pics, james! everyone looks so very HAPPY!!! and I LOVE your tee!!!!!!


jamie-love catching up with you like this. you guys have so much love.


Great photos! Love the votive idea, so sweet looking. I can totally relate to putting the camera away and just enjoying the moment.


First...please give Caleb birthday wishes, hugs, & kisses for us! Can't believe the lil love bug is 5!!! He's not going to be the baby anymore..but he will still be the baby boy =)
Kira did such a GOOD JOB in Annie, Jr. Performance was outstanding!! I was in awe, watching our lil Kira Koo up on was like yesterday, we're just singing the infamous Barney "green grass grows all around.." song to her in her baby car seat while she giggles and stares at the funny people getting a kick out of singing to her ;)--plus I loved how Kira picked the Annie, Jr play...something we grew up on =)
See ya Saturday for Cam's basketball game. Can't wait to see the lil fella in action!
Btw, I did notice you didn't have your camera @ Kira's play, the FIRST time I've seen you without it(besides the time your camera was in the shop gettin fixed)heheh..


Loved reading about the kids and seeing those pics. You totally rock Rhonna's brushes ... really makes me want to learn how to do stuff like that. -Shell


dang jame... kira in Annie is like us when we use to copy the parent trap. remember.... hey i really think you're swell, oooh weeee you really ring my bell. haha. i'd like to see a copy of her play. congrats kira!!!! love you!

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