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March 06, 2006



that was so sweet....made me a little teary. she's beautiful! :)

so fun she shares a birthday with my little maegan.

Hope you're doing well Jamie.

Amanda Mankin

Applause!!! She is beautiful and the siblings already love her--well done mom and dad :)


Oh my GOSH that is way too sweet!!!! Love the way she was looking at her big sister in that one clip!


Sure go ahead and make me cry....I love you guys!


Love the music But better yet- the people. Looking at their baby sisiter, the siblings are adorable! Thank you for the glimpse into your world. xxxxxxxx


OMG that was the sweetest! Congrats to all of you:)


She's beautiful! Your whole family is!! Congratulations to you all!!!


i love all this high tech stuff!!!! now i feel like i've met her already (kinda). jame- that shot of her face that pans up from the toes looks JUST like YU when you were a baby. cant wait to hold her. love you!


this is the sweetest thing i've seen in a long time. i'm so glad i surfed over to see if you have any new pics of the baby. so beautiful!


that was so beautiful. just like looking at a fairytale. i started crying because it reminded me of when my little girl was born last june. and also because i woke up with her at 5:30am! great job!


Bravo!!!! Both the baby and the video. Both are so well done:).

tiffany k. smoot

wow. i am breathless. gorgeous baby with such awesome black hair and the video, i felt like it should be on an HP commercial. how very special and congradulations to both of you on such a beautiful baby girl.


Such a beautiful video ... such a beautiful family. :) Thank you for sharing this with us, Chris & Jamie. -Shell


OMG... such a sweet video. She HAS changed a lot in five days. I love the shot of her feet and the one with her wide eyes at the end. Congrats you guys. I"m so happy for your family. :) - Lisa


congrats, mama. :)
i need a tissue.


Oh man. That is so precious. I'm so so happy for you guys! Looks like you are really enjoying her. :)


oh man - seeing your kids for the first time like that brought tears to my eyes. how come there was no footage of jamie with elsie????
LOVE that video, please share more!!!


So beautiful...I just had a baby, and you're making me want another. Congratulations to all of you, I'm off to get a tissue with MG.

jennifer mcguire

oh my. i will never admit how many times i have watched this. can't wait to touch my babies hand... to see that face. amazing. thanks for sharing.


Love this little movie. Makes me want to cry with joy at how happy you all are. Again, congratulations on your beautiful, angelic Elsie. She's perfect.


this is the sweetest thing ever! She is beautiful!

Jen Johner

OMGoodness, soooooooo sweet!! She is perfect, your family is precious!!!!


ok. thanks alot jamie.. now i want another one! ;) she is precious. i loved watching this. those eyes!

Diane Robson

What a sweet angel baby and what a gorgeous family. Her big brothers and sister look look simply smitten with her!!Congratulations!


I can't believe how alert she is!!!! I loved the video. Your husband rocks!
How are you feeling? I've been thinking about you! :)

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