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March 06, 2006



OMG! What a beautiful family and an amazing video. Definitely made me teary-eyed! TFS!

chris jenkins

congratulations to you and your family! Your little one is so sweet and beautiful!


That is such a beautiful video! So sweet.
Thanks for sharing with us Jamie and Chris.
Hope you're recovering well Jamie.

Irma Gabbard

What a beautiful video!! Shes just precious. Congratuations!!


This was so sweet and amazing, your family is beautiful, elsie is just perfect. my first time to your blog, I will have to return!

Heather  Moll

Such a beautiful video! What a precious family you have!!!! So, so sweet! This seriously makes me want a baby now though!!! :)

kah-mei sweet.


Wow, that video was beautiful.

Congrats on sweet baby elsie.


Congratulations! She is beautiful and I loved watching the video. Thanks for sharing that!


wow she is gorgeous!!!!

Chanda precious...
elsie is beautiful.
can't wait to see her.

sending her love from sam, paul and i.

Aunty Jo

OOOOh that is so sweet what you wrote Chrissy. What guy who is obviously in love with his family. Well Bud couldn't even get the music up and running. I wanna see Elsie!!!! Tell me how. Luv and snugs to my you and my Koala friend. Give her a big hug and tell her well done making sure Elsie arrived safe and well. Also send your old Aunt your address so I can post something Pink. Luv and snugs, Mexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Robin C.

I stumbled onto your blog ad was blessed to see the video of little Elsie - thank you for that gift! My little sweetie - Fiona- kust celebrated her first birthday on March 1, so your video brought it all back. congrats and the Lord's blessings and grace on Elsie all the day of her life!


awww, love seeing this! she is amazing guys! love seeing her with her brothers and sisters. what a lucky little girl to have such wonderful sibs!



Awwww..i finally was able to view this! PRECIOUS!! Jaeden loved watching this clip over and over--her fave part is the beginning =0) We wanna come over and visit again,(like today) however Jaeden's is getting over a cold so we don't want get our lil elsie sick. She is just DARLING!! and she is so alert, she really did change/grow--and her chubby weakness..cant wait to see here again! Her eyes, absolutely beautiful just like her mama! Love seeing the kids bond-priceless! love yu guys!!!

xoxoxox jenn, jay & jaeden xoxoxo


if that doesn't make everyone want a baby i don't know what will. so touching. :)


That was so touching, Jamie - just beautiful!


She's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

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