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June 22, 2006



the stuff you own ends up owning you...
so proud of my little salesmen and women, so industrious. now it's our turn Jamie, we must be ruthless!


I agree with your husband! so true!

cute little entreprenuers! :) And, and nice 'activity' to keep them busy for awhile! :) Maybe you should start a weekly sale! :)

angi b

"now if i could translate that into my scrap area that would be good too. :) "

so true! i am the biggest hoard monster.

Joy U

You're teaching them so much by letting them do this! Good job, Momma. :o)


what type of neighborhood do you live in? it looks very city like? a stop light so close to your house? we live in the country


uhh, can you say ILLEGAL? you know you have to get a permit if you have more than 2 a year. great, teaching your kids how to be criminals. LOL j/k
seriously, sounds like a blast. we need to do that too..

Reagan G.

I hear you about the toys - they have taken over our house.
Those photo are great though - I bet they had fun.
What are they going to buy with their money?

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