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June 29, 2006



Happy Anniversary!
She looks so cute with that clip in her hair! :)

sarah james

awwww, she is so cute. love that little clip she has in her hair. also great pic of the kiddies on the sofa. kiddy feet are just so cute. have a great day. :0)


so cute. you and chris still look like the same crazy kids i hung out w/at kira's bday party (9 years ago??) happy anniversary to the couple that inspires me :) love you guys. love the pics of the kids and the feet. you know i love those shots. and els.. ugh.. i love that girl. so cute.


Except for my gray hair, Auts. Thanks for giving me a complex about that:)

Holly Child

She looks like such a big girl with that clip in her hair! SO cute! ;o)


Happy Anniversary! You two are so cute together. And that child of yours-just adorable! :o)


awww!!! that's cute! she's always cute. may i suggest Jamie? try the clip on/snap on- seem to work on Gabby's hair

and congrats you guys. you look very happy and live it up!

tracy Miller

sooo cute these pics. And happy anniversary. :)

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