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June 25, 2006


Keeley Tillotson

What a cutie! Keep the mohawk!


She is a "doll-baby"!!! My daughter had a mohawk like that...we tried everything to make it lay down and it wouldn't! Finally we just enjoyed it and laughed about it everyday! :)


i L*O*V*E it - my babies had it too! i say...savor the "mohawk moments."


Yummy! She is just too delicious!

People ask if I do something special for his hair to do that too! LOL!!


so cute!
at least she has hair on the sides too. m was bald on the sides with just a mohawk strip down the middle! it still makes me laugh when i look at pictures.


Ooohh, her hair is so sweet! I just love that little doll-baby! When I get a baby girl, I'm getting some of these clips...


ACK! Love the mohawk Jamie! Z was working one pretty hard himself for awhile...I miss it already :(

Jenn cute! Love her lil mohawak! hehe...elsie love is getting big, watching and reacting to her siblings! You know, she starting to look like Cameron now =)

Reagan G.

What can you say - Shes a total Rocker Chick!!!!
She is so darn cute.


Aloha Jamie, thanks for the snapshot. I can still remember my 2 babies (of 3) with the mohawk. I love playing with their hairdos. And yes, my daughter's hair was so soft that it counldn't hold a hairpin or clip. She hated anything in her hair. She's sooo cute!


now THAT is simply adorable!! LOVe it.

And, I found these tiny little metal barrette/clip things that stay in longer than anything else. and the best part? They are glittery. so sweet :)


haahaa, oh my goodness that's adorable!!! One of my best friend's kids ALL had the long dark hair that stood straight up on top!! SO sweet!!

Holly Child

SO darling! Love that she still has so much hair and hasn't lost it!


that's so stinkin' cute! :)

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