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July 17, 2006


tara pollard pakosta

oh man she does look older ! enjoy it!!! what a doLL! i just purchased one of rhonna's kits, dont' know what the heck i am doing but i have one LOL!
i don 'tknow how you are surviving without AC! it's 95 degrees here and humid!
good lucK!


keep taking lots of pictures, mama. those will live forever!


Hey Jame,
Miss you! miss Elsie, Cakes, Cam Kira, Chris...everyone! Love that new banner. Love how cute Elsie is and I loved the Ali book A Designer's cool. All your work in that book is AMAZING! pg. 36 :)(just got it this weekend)
luv ya!


She is so beautiful!! I love the digi stuff although I am too chicken to try it out myself!! :)Thanks for sharing all your amazing work with us!




ooh love the banner. love the post. she does look like a big girl and it just makes me think of how fast kids grow up. :( you need to tell me more about this digi stuff so i can get inspired again. oh and whaa! your a/c went out. try not having a/c at all. and yes, i'm at work at 6am. call me - miss yu guys :(


ack! she's getting big so fast! teething already??
i need you to come over & teach me all of that digi stuff--i'm clueless!


Oh how CUTE! Gosh Jame, Elsie Love got sooo big from the last time we saw her. As soon as jaeden saw her, she whispered in my ear, "mommy elsie is so big now! I can't believe it!" Explains why I could NOT put her down..hheheh. I love how she looks at Kira like that...beautiful.
Omg is that the "Royalty" pink tank I got her??? PRECIOUS!!!!

sarah james

love that digi post jamie, such a cute pic too. she is a proper cutie pie.

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