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July 04, 2006



Happy 4 months Elsie Love!!! ooohhh you are growing up too more pacifer? tuggin at the pull toy? rollin from your back to you tummy...oh sweetie, congrats congrats! we miss yu sweetheart!!! Happy 4th to you, kira, cam and caleb!! Love YU's all,
Auntie Jenn, Uncle Jason & cousin jaeden jamaica =)
p.s. jame-i can totally hear elsie "saying that" with her look! lol! --heheh what's elsie grubbin now a days, rice cereal?


WE Love you all and miss you all sooo much! Happy Fourth !!
Hugs & Kisses,
Rachael & Family
Elsie is too cute !

jennifer mcguire

an absolute angel!


I'm a lurker. Love your blog. I like to see what Elsie is up to. But tonight I've come out of lurkdom to find out about Elsie's pull toy in her crib? I have a 6 month who also does a great job of waking up and playing by himself until his lazy mama gets herself outta bed!


You could really make me broody showing me pictures like these and reminding me of those times.


She is the cutest thing. Sigh...Look at those EYES!


Love that look she is giving you. Ezekiel gave up his pasi too, it is so nice not having to deal with it any longer.


love the look she is giving you......i love this stage too. Grant just started sucking on his that stage!

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