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July 24, 2006



elsies hair has grown so fast since i saw her! all the pics are so sweet jamie. glad you had a good time. funny thoughts about comicon.


dude, look at cameron. I would not mess with him in a dark alley with a look like that on his face. I see a future in kung fu movies, look out tokyo, here we come!


Oh, poor Els! Those shots are always hard. Had to laugh out loud at the comic-con comment! My husband worked that show for 3 or 4 years before we were married.

sarah james

do you start school in august in the US? we are september here. My little boy goes to nursery this year (pre-school). Still trying to work out how to get all of us out of the house by 8.30am!!???
Great pics jamie. love the elsie in chair ones. very cool. have a great day :)


SO CUTE!! I know all about the is soooo hot here uuuughhh!! I wish we had a/c.

Oh well.
Love the couch shot.

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

she just gets
cuter and cuter
all the time.
you are right--
the summer
is flying!


so cute! kira looks so tall.. the kids are too cute jame.. tell me all about it tomorrow :) missed u


love the photo of elsie with your mom. love her little curls!
i can't believe that she only weighs 14 pounds, i think reece is probably already 12 pounds...and he's only 6 weeks!


all of your kiddos are gorgeous!

Bridget =)

she is just way too cute!!!! =)


love the pic of cameron! and elsie is getting to look soooo big-talk about time flying by.enjoy!

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