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July 31, 2006



5 months! My goodness!! I am SO with you on the longer weekends/shorter work weeks thing. Wouldn't that be wonderful?


hey, elsie, that's enough growing, slow down. Right now. She looks so "blushy" in this picture!

sarah james

awwwww, know how you feel on monday's jamie. I hate seeing hubbie go off to work too. But i'm lovin it at the moment 'cos school is out and he is a there is the five of us james' around all the time...lovely :)
BUT only four more sleeps till the weekend again..LOL.
have a great day


I know how you feel I think we all feel a little down on Mondays...the beginning of another week of work, laundry, no help, chores chores chores...however it is also the beginning of a new week and a new day to get begin again. yeah...well happy monday Jame...luv ya! such a sweet photo of Chris & Elsie.


I totally feel the same way on Mondays! The weekend and time with my husband goes way too fast :(
P.S. You mentioned putting in your order for your month's do you organize them?


Too stinkin' cute. Just wanna hug her....and dad is just glowing!

I always gripe about Sunday afternoons because that's when I do all the "prep" work to get ready for the week. But, mondays are no fun either.


it A*L*L goes way too fast!!!
enjoy-every moment-even the fussy ones if you can!

maggie Holmes

i agree! my little "baby" is now almost 15 months!! it is crazy!
sounds like you have a good method with your pictures - i need to get something figured out. i have so many pictures and never print them and then i forget about them. where do you order your prints from? please share what you do - maybe it would work for me too!!


what a stinkin' cute picture!
I love how relaxed your husband looks! (and happy!)

Jennifer P

me three! hate mondays:(


AWww, elsie love...adorable!!! I HATE mondays too!! arrgghh!

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