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July 15, 2006



She is just so scrumptious!! Harper gives oatmeal variety 2 thumbs up. She says the rice stuff is for the birds...


Everytim I see a photo of her in this swing, chair, whatever it is I just want to crawl in. I love it, she looks soooo comfy!

Hope you are all doing well.



Is that you or your hubby feeding her? If it's you, I would have never have guessed you to be a lefty! :)

Are you working on stuff to mail for the booth next week?

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

so sweet, jamie!
the world of real food!
luke had carrots and
pears for the first time
this week. he is
lovin' life!
hope all is well!

angi b

lol... i love the title of your post. : )

...and i just received Ali's book in the mail

again, i adore your style, Jamie. Your composition rocks every time!


can't wait till the little fatty gets to eat real food with us! ice cream, pizza.. mmmm. haha..
such a cutie. i miss her already. :)

sarah james

boy...jamie, you have such a cute baby. she even looks great with baby rice on her chin....!!LOL
have a great day. we are, for once, pretty hot here in the UK. So finally getting rid of a bit of the pale look.. :)

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