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July 18, 2006



Awesome shot Tara, my girls are looking good in this one!


so weird. i just posted these on my blog and came over here to get your link to link you and saw this.


thanks chris. love you james.


wow, that photo is just soooo gorgeous. Your daughter is amazingly beautiful though I guess you know that already.


love it. absolutely love it.


Makes me smile too.
You have the world's CUTEST baby.
And I'm not just saying that.


Those Eyes...sigh....Beautiful, just Beautiful!!
I love the look/expression on mommy's face too! =)


So sweet!!

angi b

this is so precious.
love the way Tara captured those beautiful eyes.

Jennifer Pebbles

Jamie, I love the digital!!! The photo is awesome, and I love the way you have kept the page simple and clean to show of that precious little sweetie!! WTG!!!

Renee Lyons

I love this picture. don't you just love these kind that show their big eyes and smooth cheeks? I mean it just makes you want to munch on them!

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