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July 11, 2006


sarah james

hi jamie, wow looks like you have such a cool bunch of folk in your family. :) I have heard of these american girl stores, they have yet to reach british shores but im sure they would be as popular here. My lil' girl is just getting into her dollies..makes a nice relief froma couple of years of trains!!! have a great day


i'm digging caleb's lil' mohawk!

and your colors are so vibrant--is that straight from the camera, are you adjusting, or using an action? inquiring minds...:)


wow, that looks so cool. i can't wait until kymora is ready for that stuff...
thanks again for coming to the party. it was so nice seeing you guys.


jamie, if I was any more proud of you, and the kids, and to be part of all this, I would absolutely explode!

Jessie Fulkerson

American Girl store- that is insane! I had heard about this a bit. It's at The Grove right? I think that is so fabulous she is into dolls and reading- happy birthday to her!


What a cool party!
I'm diggin' that cake!!!!! :)


my daughter would flip too if we have a place like that in my town. Kira is stinkin' cute. she does remind me of you, Jamie- she is just glowing! pretty soon you are gonna have a pretty teenager! happy birthday to her!


how FUN!!! I KNOW that my girls would flip to go there!! That CAKE is amAAAzing!!! I love your new family picture on the side bar!!!

Bridget =)

Wow! she sure looks like her Mom! =)

Looks like a great place! =)

Joy U

Looks like a wonderful time! I can't wait until Cadence is old enough to have her bday at AG Place. :o)

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