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July 20, 2006


sarah james

i dunno jamie, she still looks cute even when being 'princessy' We are planning a trip to the zoo this summer too. probably be a similar experience. LOL. have a great day.


I love that bottom right one! Her little face is toooooooooo darling!


lol yah, not one pic of a monkey or anything. lol
glad i had work!!! haha.. love how the kids look all sticky :)

tara pollard pakosta

i am just like you with photos at the zoo, except i might get one with an animal in the background, but my girls have to be in front of it! i won't waste a photo on just an animal! cause am i ever going to scrap it?! NO!!!!!! lol
love them ALL! i would NEVER attemp the ZOO in the summer. i go in the spring or fall~!!! for just that reason!
it's the beach or pool or inside the mall if it's over 80 degrees!
thanks for sharing!

jennifer mcguire

sooooososooosoooooo stinkin' cute! every single one of you all!


LOL you make me smile Jamie....Love that last photo of Elsie smiling at the cute!! I miss you all. Zoo days are fun but only when it is not super hot!! Oh well I am sure the kids had fun!


love the flopped over head with those adorable hangin'cheeks-nibble...nibble!


hey chris-
we haven't heard from you in awhile! where did ya go?

Sara Dickey

love your photos have the cutest kids!


This really made me smile. :) But then again, I don't think I've ever seen a picture of Elsie that didn't make me smile. She is SO precious.

maggie Holmes

i love that 2nd to last photo of her - soooo adorable!!


adorable photos. :) We have season passes to our local zoo and haven't been yet this year...too hot!! :)

angi b

oh, jamie. these pics are wonderful... too funny about not having any animal pics. clearly i agree with your priorities. : )


heheheh...100 degrees and zoos don't mix!

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