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October 07, 2006



You are amazing Jame...I love all these photos of baby Else and little Kainou. So sweet.
Luv to you all.


James - that baby of yours is so freaking adorable, so BEAUTIFUL it makes my heart hurt! I so wish that we could get together and I could give her a big hug and she and G could play!


What a GREAT selection of photos!! I adore that first one with the flower behind her ear!!!! SOO sweet! Also really loved seeing her sleepy routine!!


love the new baby pics. what a great name too.

I dont need to say that elsie is the cutest, 'cos ive said it like a gazillion times already. ;0)

loadsa blessings

tara pollard pakosta

LOVE LOVE that first pic~
she is beyond beautifuL!

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

oh i swear, jamie,
she is just the CUTEST
thing ever.
love that photo with
the flower behind her
ear and how fabulous
that you captured her tired
routine on film (digital...LOL!)
they are just growing so quickly!


Darling photos, jamie! :)


she's so cute!!!!

the other baby is adorable too!!!!


OMG! this is the mosssst perfect photo of all time!!!! she is sooo cute! i am showing this to T when i get home and hoping it will convince him that we need one of these.. NOW! :) haha!!!

you rock! Love, els


love this post and the pics are delish!


cute cute!!!!! what a great pair of cousins.. :) love the one w/the flower in her ear.

thanks again for visiting.. c u possibly weds?? i'll call ya.


Holy moly...she is one bea-u-tiful baby girl!! Love the her little feet resting on the laptop! ;o)



You gotta warn me when you put all those cute/adorable/darlin' pics in one post!!!!!!

She is so stinkin cute and I love all of the facts about her! Now let's get that slobbery shoulder pic! :)


OMG! The pic with the flower behind her ear is DIVINE!!!


oooh my lordie she is so dad gum cute, j!!!

she is just precious. LOVED hearing about how she's doin!!
i love the little nighttime/tired things she does. those are my favorite things!


She is angelic, Jamie.
I love the shot of her playing with your laptop. Crew loves buttons too.:)

Great shots of that little guy too, love the hoodie.


Beautiful picts Jaime! I can't get over how sweet she is. Hope your doing well!

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