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October 17, 2006



Now this is what I'm talking about......LOVE IT! :)

That top pic...soooooo adorable! I love the center one, she just screams SWEEEEEEET!
I hear ya on all the 'toys' that aren't toys....hmmmmm....the yawn cracks me up.


jamie! you should always share pics like this! this was such a happy post, I LOVE seeing pics of your kiddos. and OMG, in that pic of her chewing the wipes - she looks SO much like you!!

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

i am so happy you shared
elsie is just so darn cute!
i know i say it every time,
but she is just precious.
i need to start a blog to
share photos too and record
my memories.
thanks for sharing, jamie!

sarah those b&w pics jamie. Why is it they always go for the 'dangerous' toys LOL.

My little girl is really into the DVD cabinet at the moment! LOL

have a great day :)


Such adorable pictures! I can totally relate. My almost one year old wants to be right with me and is trying to eat my scrap stuff!! And my computer is frequently on ebay! LOL!!


such cute pics!!!
she's so adorable :)

tara pollard pakosta

she is precious. thanks for sharing!


Hey Jame,
I love the random sequence of photos it makes me feel like I get a real glimpse into your day. I miss you guys so much!
Hugs to Else and KCC....
luv ya!

kellie h.

Such a sweet little one. Grabbing 7Gypsies stickers...hmm, scrapper in training? Thanks for sharing your pics :)


Aren't the fun at this age! Alex is doing so much of the same things...well, with him and Elsie being just days apart! LOL! He's not so much of a crawler either, but he'll pull himself up on things too!


I love em.
Oh why can't we live close? So we could scrap or not scrap as the case may be while our babies chewed on wires together.:)


So, I found your blog, and am so happy!I loved your work in the Ali E book,very cool!! Great photos of your little one, and I was so happy to see the Angel Wars ad. I can't believe I'd not even heard of it yet,but as a Mom of two boys, one who is just getting into the Superhero thing, I was so excited!Kudos to your DH!!


too sweet!


Such sweet pictures! I'm so glad you shared them! I just wanted you to know that I'm a big fan of your work and have been checking your blog out for awhile now. My daughter is 12 months, so her and Elsie aren't too far apart. When I first got Ali's second book, I searched for all your layouts...they're totally unique and interesting. You have great design sense! Thanks again for your inspiration!


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