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October 23, 2006



you arent the only mama I've heard/read talk about sleep disturbance lately. seems like lots of little people are out of whack in the last week or so. cant help but wonder if the season change/soon-to-be-time-change has anything to do with it? is she going to bed earlier with it being darker earlier? just a thought from a non-mom. feel free to tell me to shut up! ;)

Jill P.

Man, I don't know what to tell you, but I can't even look at that picture anymore, just makes me want a little girl to wear those sweet little nightgowns! Oh, and I just want to run my hand over that sweet hair. Oooh, have. to. stop. looking. at. cute. baby. girl. now!! Whew.

I know what you mean, my little man isn't sleeping lately either, and it wears on a momma for sure!

Mel Nunn

I am hearing ya!! I am up at 5.30 a lot of the time and we just moved house. The new house is so echo-ey that when my som hollers it bounces off all the walls. I relent and get him up before he wakes my daughter who needs her sleep because she doesnt nap anymore....

Grrr, sleep is a dirty word to my kids. Stick with it and sleep will come.

Otherwise Vallium could be an option LOL... For both of you hehe.

jennifer mcguire

babies usually do this around 7-8 months. something about becoming more active. she will grow out of it. colin did this for a couple weeks, but now is back to his old routine.


Sorry, my youngest is almost five now so I can't remember a thing! LOL! All I do remember is living by the mantra "this is a phase, this too shall pass...". Just love the sweet!


Um, I went up to my DS's room when he was a few months old and tried to get up at 6:45am. (that just wasn't an option to me!!) I tapped my watch and said, "Hello... do you need a clock in here or something? We do NOT get up before 8am!!" LOL... Really, he did stop it in a few days, so maybe it is just a phase. She may be hungrier now that she is a little older... maybe a little bit more to eat before bed???


my guess is daughter has been a 10-hr-per-nihgt sleeper since ten weeks old...EXCEPT when teething.


Devin did the SAME thing at about that age. I rememeber the 5am wake ups, and there was no way he was going back to sleep. Then by like 8am he was ready for a NAP. It made things rough for a bit. I think it is just the change, ready to move, more aware etc.....our friends son doing the same thing. I know this is not ADVICE, but just know that it most likely will end and she will be back to her normal self, and you all can sleep again :)


Natalie did the same thing at around 7 months! She stopped sleeping thru the night and was waking up 2-3 times. Not fun! It lasted for about 2 weeks... and has been back to her "normal" sleeping schedule. Sleep is good.


looks like you have got loads of advice there jamie ;) I would have gone with the 'extra food' idea but from my own experience my youngest only started sleeping through after we had firstly travelled across a couple of time zones with her and also put her in a room with the big bro and sis. Seemed to work nicely, although she is still the earliest riser ;)
i like the 'this too shall pass' comment. It is after all only a season and you get through it the best you can right?
blessings to you for some rich sleep :)


My Ant is 13 months now, and is also a 10-12 hr sleeper (thank heavens). But we have had mornings that he wakes way too early (4.45? it's getting light here at that time now). It's usually cos he's teething or he didn't eat his supper well. Sometimes I give him a bottle, sometimes I take him upstairs and let him play and I watch SKY news. Don't want him waking up the rest of the family.
My advice? Get to bed a little earlier yourself if you can, and try to do some stuff in the morning when she's awake. Go with the flow?


We've had two past nights and mornings of sleep disturbance......I want to take a nap right now in make it worse, Grant now can pull himself up to a standing position in his crib, so he is crying and standing at the same time. OH MY.


maybe cut down on a nap?

btw, i simply adore that you still dress her in the gowns. i love gowns!


My daughter was born a few days after yours and she just started doing the same thing. Maybe something in the air?? I just go to bed earlier and deal with the 5:00am wake up call (which after this weekend could be a 4:00am wake up call) Yikes!
Hang in there!


pick her up...bring her into bed with you...nurse her...snuggle & kiss her...and fall asleep together until the others get up...:o)

she'll love'll love it...and in a few years, you'll be happy that ya broke a few rules for her...<3


Kerrylynne is right. Snuggle with her and rub her hair. . . .she'll melt and go back to sleep.


I feel for you...That's rough. My daughter didn't sleep through the night for the first 22 months of her life. At which point her brother was born. I was sleep deprived for 4 straight years. Not days, not weeks, but YEARS. No joke. Lack of sleep is hard to overcome....I hope you get some zzzz's soon.

But darn it, she is so cute...


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