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October 13, 2006


Cindy C

I love the story board - it's so cute... as always! :) Crawling already? She'll be running in no time!


Super cute!
I've got to capture a pic like that one on the bottom right. I love it when Grant does it...he looks like Superman! :)


there's absolutely no hurry! enjoy these immobile days. :) btw... where did you get els' long sleeve onesie?


Seriously she has to be the cutest kid. There are cute babies you know the run of the mill kind of cute. Then there is this one, adorable beyond words. Just precious.


That reminds me so much of Crew. He's not so crazy about crawling yet. Gets kinda pissed about it. ha! Love that little bo-bo.:)


awwww...she looks so frustrated on the first she's saying, "Mommy please pick me up, don't like this one bit!" hehe..I wanna pick her up already..heheh =) oh how i miss elsie love...absolutely adorable =)

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