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October 03, 2006



my boys would enjoy this AND the ipod too...if i win it!
smart chris-very smart, enjoy!
thanks for the "peek"


I just saw the DVDs in the Family Christan Store catalog the other day and thought it looked like a cool thing. I had no idea you were the creator of it!

I love it when people make awesome, quality Christian entertainment for children.

Keep up the good work!!! I can't wait to see one of these.


my son has the first one and loves it. He will be getting the next 2 for his birthday. Thanks for making these...hopefully we will win an ipod for the whole family!!!


Chris-I have appreciated Jamie's talents in photography and scrapbooking for a long time-now I can add Angel Wars to the list too! What a great concept! My boys (8 and 4) just watched your trailer and I just ordered the limited time offer! Keep them coming! Thanks for giving our boys something positive to watch!-Susan


Hey Chris,
I am so excited for our copy of ANGEL WARS 3 to arrive. We ordered it the day it released and every day Ben & I go out to the mail box hoping it will be there!! WE are sooooo excited to see #3. I have told all our friends about it too! They are excited too! WE love you!! Miss you all sooo much! hugs!


Jamie-you guys are the whole enchilada family, aren't you? Love it. :)


We watched Angel Wars 3 as a family last night and loved it! We thought it was the best one yet...and the kids said great job Uncle Chris and we look forward to #4.

We are so proud of you!!

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