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November 27, 2006



Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa..........I almost forgot what you looked like! Good thing I got to see you again! :)

LOVE all the pics!

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

what a great day!
love these photos...could you dress elsie any cuter? my husband
is so lucky i have boys...i would be crazy with a girl. i hope all is well, jamie!


That's ok Jamie I love these moments you captured with your family. I can't believe the mild warm weather you are having I think I forgot how mild and warm California is even at this time of year. Love ya!
Miss you all so much!

Aunty Jo

Well my sweet have just enjoyed reading your blog site after such a while. The children are soooooooo beauwdiful!!!! I want to squish, snug and smooooch them. I so wish I could come and have a cup 'o tea and a chat, play games and snug Elsie. What a blessing to have such gorgeous babies and such precious moments. Luv the pics and your daily chatter. Luv and snugs, Aunty JoxxxxxxxxxxxPS The pics are just absolutely perfect : what a gal Jamie babes - photographer of the century. Miss ya kids!!!!!!

Cindy C

I love all the pictures Jamie! Your kids are so cute... hope you had a great thanksgiving. :)

jennifer mcguire

i hope to someday meet your family. you all seem to have it so good. lovely!

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