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December 17, 2006


fiona Leehane

Hey Jamie,
Normally I'm just a lurker:)
However, I really wanted to say that I love all your inspire me everyday to take more photos!?! ok... so I'm not perfect, but I do try really hard to take photos every day and I simply can't, can't wait to see your work in the Look Book...*fiona*


such a cute family! :)

melissa deakin

i can see why this is a favorite.
i love it too!
hope all is well, jamie!


love it. love it.


Sooooooo cute! Love how 'five' of you are under the 'five and dime' sign. Coolio!! :)


SOO cute! I love when a picture strikes me like that...loving so many little elements like what you listed.


for what it matters, i love this picture too.


I love it too!


Hey Jamie,
I love this shot too! So sweet and what fun the whole family had at Disneyland. What a gift!

Love that we are able to spend time together as a family.
Love ya!

Janna Davis

Great pic - thanks for all the great style ideas!!!!!!!!

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