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December 11, 2006



I would love a Look Book.

And, I love Miss Elsie.


Good karma reigns over you...You are one lucky girl...THANK YOU Sushi man!

OK...I want to read what Elsie reads!! Hi ya Cameron...!

Jill P.

Well, if Elsie likes it, then I am sure that I would too!! She is such a cutie pie.


whew! so glad you got your wallet back. maybe the sushi man would like a look book as well? ;) or perhaps a nice thank you card instead.

Melissa Villalobos

I would love to get a copy of this book! Looks like it will be a new favorite of mine.

Beth H

I tend to leave my car keys behind - but, I can't get too far with out them! :)

Elsie is too cute!

Hey, Cameron!


That bottom picture of her reading is sooooooooooo cute. She looks like she is memorizing the layouts!


i would love to take a look at the look book seeing as how you're one of my favorite scrappers. :) kathleen4444

tara pollard pakosta

she is a DOLL!
i would LOVE to have this book!
by the way, loved your layouts in the cc2 book.


What a cutie...are you starting her scrapping future early? I would love one of your books (each personally reviewed by Elsie, of course)!

Michelle V.

She is such a cutie-pie!!
There are still some nice people in the's just getting harder to know which ones. So glad your wallet was returned to you.

I would LOVE one of those books!!!


first time posting, and just wanted to let you know I enjoy your work! Looking forward to more...


Lurker on your site and enjoy everything you do!! would love a look at book!


I love your work! Your kids are so cute!! Winning one of those books would be FUN!!!!


Thanks for sharing your beautiful family through your blog. Elise is growing up so fast and is such a beauty!!
Glad you got your wallet back safe and sound... there still are good people out there. : )
Happy Holidays!!


Since I particularly love your work :)...I would love a copy of this book!

Lisa Truesdell

a cute baby sampled look book has to be the best kind there is =)

Allison Thompson

A hello from Washington State! I am hoping Santa Cameron finds his way to my name! Love your site and work-thanks for sharing!


Just a lurker also and would love and early Christmas present for myself...

kristi livingstone

so it happens to you too, eh? too crazy. must be a great book! please put my name in the draw!

Sarah Eberle

she seemed pretty interested in it, so it must be good!! I would love the book.


there can never be too much Elsie. she is just so sweet! hoping you send a book my way.

Trina Jaynes

Thanks Jaime! That would be a very welcome Christmas gift!!! You are so incredably talented and I love seeing you beautiful daughter grow. She is so adorable. HOw very nice that the gentleman returned your wallet! Merry Christmas, indeed!


Jean Shen

Oooh! I'd love to check out the Look Book. My LSS sold out of them by the time I got a chance to go look.



Elsie is just adorable! I aspire to take pictures of my son the way you are able to capture the personalities of your children! Please enter me in the drawing!!

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